Mission Statement

Government, managers and clinicians have faced a major challenge as a result of this emerging need. Excellent work by charities and healthcare professionals led to the publication of the NSF Chapter 8, which for the first time mandated that cardiac networks provide services for such families. As a result much good work has been done, but provision has developed in a patchy, uncoordinated and inconsistent fashion.

There has been a pressing need for a professional body to provide a steer on these difficult issues. The AICC is a unique association and an amalgamation of experts from cardiology and genetics within the United Kingdom and Ireland.

This will provide consistent, top quality education and training, advice on management and best practice, as well as acting as a forum for data collection, audit and collaborative research. Membership is open to clinicians, nurses, counsellors, scientists and professionals allied to medicine, as well as persons from organisations and charities involved in support of such families.

The AICC represents all who work in this often difficult, but nevertheless fascinating field of cardiovascular genetics.