Article 1: Name


Section 1:

The name shall be the “Association for Inherited Cardiac Conditions” (AICC).

It shall aim to be associated with appropriate national organisations, for example, the British Cardiovascular Society and the British Society for Human Genetics.


Article 2: Remit


Section 1:

The purpose of the Association is to advance the recognition, management, education, research and public awareness of inherited cardiac conditions.

Section 2:

The Association, through a Council of national experts and interested Membership, will provide strategies for:

  • Standard setting and guidance, for patient pathways and best practice.
  • Education – by scientific meetings and publications
  • Training – including recommendations for the training of medical, nursing, counselling and allied professions.
  • Data collection
  • Research – including opportunities for collaborative investigation
  • Audit

Section 3:

The conditions of interest to the Association include, but are not limited to:

  • Inherited arrhythmia and the Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome
  • Inherited Cardiomyopathy
  • Cardiovascular disease associated with other inherited disorders and syndromes


Article 3: Membership


Section 1:

The Association shall consist of Council, Ordinary, Extraordinary and Affiliated Members.

Section 2:

Ordinary Members shall be clinicians, nurses, counsellors or professionals allied to medicine who are actively involved in the care of patients with inherited cardiac conditions, including those with an active research interest in this area.Ordinary Members may propose candidates for Ordinary Membership, attend meetings, take part in voting and be eligible to stand for Office.Applicants for Ordinary Membership need to be proposed by an Ordinary Member.

Section 3:

Extraordinary Members shall include those Ordinary Members who have retired from clinical practice and others, at the discretion of Council, who do not satisfy criteria for Ordinary Membership.Extraordinary Members may attend scientific meetings but shall not be eligible to vote, hold office or propose candidates for Ordinary Membership or Office.Application for Extraordinary Membership shall be to the Council via the Secretary.

Section 4:

Affiliated Membership shall include persons from organisations and charities involved in the support of patients and families affected by inherited cardiac conditions, as well as those involved in scientific study.Affiliates may attend scientific meetings but shall not be eligible to vote, hold office or propose candidates for Ordinary Membership or Office.

Affiliated Membership requires formal application to the Council via the Secretary, approval by a two thirds majority of Council Members, and is reviewed every 2 years.

Section 5:

Membership privileges require each member to have an up to date subscription.

Section 6:

Membership may be terminated at any time by the Member, with no refund of subscription.Membership may also be terminated by Council, with no refund of subscription, where this is felt necessary on grounds agreed unanimously by Council Members. The individual or organisation concerned shall have the right to be heard by Council before any final decision is made.

Section 7:

A list of Members shall be kept by the Association.


Article 4: Subscriptions


Section 1:

Subscriptions shall be payable annually by direct debit.

Council shall fix the subscription amounts and due date.

Failure to pay due subscriptions within one year shall be considered as equivalent to resignation.


Article 5: Officers


Section 1:

The Officers of the Council shall be the President, Secretary and Treasurer.The spectrum of Council Members shall, as far as possible, reflect the composition and various interests of the Association and its Membership, with equal overall representation from Cardiology and Genetics.Council shall consist of 12 Members, including Officers.

Section 2:

The President will be elected from the Council by Council Members.

The President will serve for a 3 year term.

The Member will not be eligible for immediate re-election as President, but is eligible for subsequent re-election.

After stepping down as President, the Member will serve on Council for a further year as the Immediate Past President.

Section 3:

The Council Members shall be elected by the Ordinary Membership.

The Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected from the Council by Council Members.

The Secretary shall keep minutes of all official meetings of the Council, as well as call meetings and circulate agendas at least one month in advance.


The Treasurer shall be responsible for accounts, subscriptions and expenditure, providing interim reports to Council and an Annual Report to Members at the Annual General Meeting.


Officers and Council Members shall serve for an average of 3 years and are eligible for re-election.


Changes to Council shall be arranged in a staggered fashion to maintain continuity. This may result in the term served by an individual Member being shorter or longer than the 3 year average term. After the first 3 years since the inception of the organisation, 3 Council members will stand down per year, allowing an election, although the said members will be eligible for re-election.


The 12 Council positions shall, as far as practically possibly, be equally divided to include 4 Members affiliated to Cardiology, 4 Members affiliated to Genetics and 4 other individual positions as follows:

  • One position shall be occupied by a Specialist Nurse.
  • One position shall be occupied by a Genetic Counsellor.
  • One position shall be occupied by a Paediatrician with an interest in ICC.
  • One position shall be occupied by a specialist cardiac Pathologist.


Article 6: Meetings


Section 1:

An Annual General Meeting shall be held.

An agenda shall be circulated to Members at least one month in advance.

Minutes shall be recorded and made available to any organisation to which the Association is associated.

Section 2:

An Annual Scientific Meeting shall be held.

Additional Scientific meetings may be held at the discretion of Council.

Section 3:

Council meetings will be held on average 3 times per year.

Additional Council meetings may be held at the discretion of Council


Article 7: Publications


Section 1:

All official publications, guidelines and recommendations of the Association shall be made available to the Council of any organisation to which the Association is associated.


Article 8: Rules


Section 1:

Once agreed, the Constitution may be amended by a majority vote at the Annual General Meeting. Proposed amendments shall be submitted in writing.


This amended Constitution was agreed by Council 19 th Jan 2011